• Our expert team will provide you with the best solution for the best results of your business

    مشاوره مدیریت
  • The complexity and intelligence of today's business environments has made expertise and skills more relevant than ever before

    مشاوره بازاریابی و بازرگانی بین الملل
  • "Supply Chain Management" offers opportunities for achieving a positive resilience in the integration and management of in-company and inter-company

    زنجیره تأمین و لجستیک
  • The technological structure of a business strategy which firm supports it

    مشاوره فن آوری اطلاعات

Why Farayand e Dahom Institute ?

The complexity and changes in the business world and the intensity of competition make management decisions more relevant. Therefore, the reliance on a comprehensive view creates sustainable development for organizations.Farayand e Dahom Institute of Technology, by building a network of different professionals, is trying to share knowledge and experience with managers and headquarters of organizations and companies to get the most comprehensive decision with special points of specialized expertise based on modern scientific methods; because the mission of Farayand e Dahom Institute process is based on the development of the country's businesses by increasing the academic capability and knowledge of its managers and owners. Farayandeh Dahom Institute Services includes:Strategic Planning, Marketing Consultancy and Digital Marketing, Feasibility and Economic, Financial and Cultural Analysis and Application, Financing, Investment Consulting, Integration and Strategic Contributions, Production Management and Planning, Future Studies, Human Resources Planning and its empowerment, technology management, process optimization, value engineering, standardization (ISO and GMP and GLP ...), research, development and training.


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